Year 2, Month 10

I am pleased to announce that I finally found a local job that really appealed to me.  And I not only applied but bloody well got it. Chuffed as.



Year 2, Month 10 – Julia

1.  Since we’ve had a month’s worth of rain in the last few days and are in the middle of a hurricane, I am grateful to live on a hill.

2. Solved one small problem and one bigger problem, thus simplifying life.

3. Made a faux pas with a potential employer, but am hoping it rebrands me as memorable. Grateful for the sense of humour on the other end of the phone.


Year 2, Month 10 – Julia

We’ve had record-breakingly tumultuous weather for the last month: flooding, gales, power outages, and general tumult.  So what luck that we’ve had three notable gaps in the weather this week, all of which coincided with opportunities to row.  It’s been wonderful to be out on the water again, both as a coach and as a rower.  What bliss, to be able to have something approximating power and technique again.  I still struggle with left leg control after about 3,000 metres, but I’m getting there. It’s blowing a hoolie outside and I have about 4 inches of paperwork to get through, but Monday has been considerably softened by yesterday morning’s sunny and calm patch.

On an unrelated note, the angsty goth across the street is standing naked in his window, smiling.  He’s usually crouched in his doorway in a battered trenchcoat, attempting to relight sodden cigarettes and discussing Proust (I presume) with other chain-smoking servants of darkness, so this is a novel sight indeed.  I discuss this in a gratitude blog because it’s nice to see such studied public misery momentarily lifted by private joy, but also because he’s standing in a garrett window, and boy am I grateful for that extra height on the sill.  


Year 2, Month 9 – Julia

Completed something important.
Remembered the password for this little blog.
Volunteered. Twice in one day.
Was rewarded for karmic volunteering by having the second thing be cancelled, so I could go shopping rather than coaching in the rain.
Found a thing I’d been coveting for a ridiculously good price in a very unexpected place.
Seem to have dodged bronchitis.  Cough downgraded from death-wracks to lung-rattlers. Hallelu!
Have an important meeting tomorrow. Well, two of them.  Was freaking out pesky cough but remembered not to sweat the small stuff. I am awesome and professional, whether or not I give you a lung.

Year 2, Month 8 – Julia

Wobbly today, but how wonderful that this hardly ever happens these days. I lose a few hours a month, and yesterday I pushed it by exercising while ill.

We were going walking with friends today, so I’m grateful that plans are changeable. I’m also glad for a day at home, since the garden could do with a pottering day and this book won’t read itself. Nice problem to have.

Year 2, Day 160 – Julia

I leave for the airport in 4 hours, for a long-overdue and much-needed visit home.  My desk is 98% clean, most of the things I wanted to finish are finished, and I have fun books in my luggage.  I have no idea whether I’m being collected from the airport, but I’m sure I’ll get to Lloyd Neck somehow.  Grateful for loving family, even if it means uncertainty through kindness.