Day 180- Heather

For Julia and Cynthia who were absolutely with us in spirit as Jen, A, and I reminisced about our time together in college.

Today, I’m really grateful for the annual tradition of Bag Day, where the bag gets you 20% off an item (or sometimes your entire purchase) in participating stores.  I’m done with holiday shopping 🙂  I also bought new glasses and splurged on a pair of winter boots (which I’ve needed for 3 years now….)

Seriously love how many people are shopping in town today, because the local stores are making big business.  Every item I purchased, from my first coffee, through the many gifts, and now my late lunch were purchased at small, independent, locally-owned stores, and the food all came from as many regional sources as possible.

And now I’m off to the independent bookstore for an author reading, as if this day hasn’t been fantastic enough.


Day 42- Heather

I’m grateful for the rancher in my town, because I had the most amazing burger for dinner. Local food is so much better! Unbelievably better. And yes, I’m still working on upping my iron count, I’m allowed red meat 🙂