Day 176- Heather

I am officially back! I’ve made this blog my homepage, so the first thing I’ll do is post. I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog in the past few weeks, despite the lack of actually posting, and I’ve realized how much it has altered my thought patterns and my perspective.
It has forced me to stop and think about life more every day. It has reminded me to seriously consider all aspects of a situation, and not veer toward the negative side of things as I normally would. It has made me realize how much I have in life and that I need to be more grateful.

So, in no particular order, here is what has inspired me in the last few weeks:

  • My family for dealing with me when I’m stressed (it’s not a pretty thing at times), but they get me.
  • The other people who shared their coming out stories,
  •  The time I spent with my supervisor in the last 4.5 years. who has moved on in her my director who has left me in charge of the department because he, and the higher-ups, have faith that I can lead.
  • My friend Z, who had a challenging week , and demonstrated that we can overcome the hard if we are passionate and dedicated. And that a few martinis is the best way to celebrate
  • For the falcon who soared alongside my car to say hello
  • The absolutely gorgeous foliage. It baffles me, how something so beautiful exists. And how lucky I am to live in New England and witness the annual transformation.
  • For the public library system that delivers endless reading material, for free. Serious love.
  • For email friends who keep me entertained
  • For the postcards I got from across the pond!!
  • The constant joy I get from knitting. If you’re a knitter you get it. If you’re not a knitter, I’m sorry. You think think about starting.
  • For the possibilities that are looming as I move into a new role and find my footing. For the sense of humor to laugh at myself when I stumble. And friends who pick me up when I fall.
  • For Colossal!! Again. I have some serious love for the website. It has brought me immense joy since I discovered it earlier this year.

Day 130- Heather

I’m grateful, again, for my local indy-library and the amazing authors they host. I spent the evening listening to author Peter Heller read from and discuss his recently published book “The Dog Stars”. He is dynamic, enigmatic and frakkin hilarious. His reading gave me chills and his voice will continue to be that of the main character for me because he read it so beautifully. And he enjoys reading to his audience- he said “adults aren’t read to enough”, which when you think about it is true. As children we’re read to constantly, but as adults, how often do we get the chance to sit back and have a story read to us? Can you remember the last time someone read to you? It was a really enjoyable event and I can’t wait to dive in, but I’m saving it for my trip to Denver which is, coincidentally, the setting for the book. It’s a sign written in the stars, perhaps.