Day 17 – Julia

Today I am grateful that the rest of my career is not dependent on today’s mobility (or lack thereof). Also, I am grateful that I had the foresight to admit to myself in advance that I might only manage one day this week. Life is so much easier with a touch of realism.


Day 16 – Julia

Today I managed to begin my return to school. I’m very grateful to have been able to drive to and from Treforest, to have gone to the gym first, and to have only cried once. I’m also grateful to have been welcomed back by my new colleagues and old friends. It’s been a hard day but I’m still feeling very lucky, all things considered.

Day 4 – Julia

Back online and playing catchup after a few days of adventures.

Friday (Day 4)  I woke up in my old bed in Treforest, very grateful to have been able to walk (or at least totter) back into great friendships and semiprofessional conversations.  I really did go to bed with a shoe full of tequila and a heart full of love.  I am especially grateful for the pragmatism and humour of my classmates, and am proud to announce that votes on my gait are now open. Do I walk like a unicorn or like a happy clown?