Days 75-78 – Heather

Wow. I have fallen behind in my diligence. Weekends offline and no time to even breathe at work has cut into my connectivity.

Day 75- a lovely day spent with my friends and their families at a wedding. I’m an honorary cousin of the family.  I think they are a hoot, a blast, and wicked funny to boot. Apparently I fit in well. Just sayin’.

Day 76- a quiet albeit hot day at home.  I was grateful for the AC, which I seldom use.

Day 77- the juiciest, ripest peach grown down the road. And I have a bushel of them to process.  It’s going to be a good harvest.

Day 78- a blissful half day of work, scheduled lunch with a friend and down time at home. I’m actually looking forward to the introspective time I’ll have while processing the peaches. Lots of quiet, methodical, repetitive work that is trance-like. Fun day ahead.