Day 100- Heather

100!!!  Wow.  I didn’t think I’d make it this far, but I’m grateful that I have.  Posting daily is an active reminder to push past the superficial, trivial complaints of the day and delve deeper into a sense of peace, calm and contentment.  That is not to say I don’t still have challenging moments. Certainly not.  But it does mean that I’ve become better at stopping myself from letting the feeling spread, and instead looking at the situation from a more positive prospective.

Now back to work, I have more people to connect with 🙂


Days 95-98 Heather

As you can see I’ve been lax in posting daily. I’m chalking it up to weekends offline, an insane workload, and not wanting to type more than I absolutely have to. After spending 6 hours responding to emails yesterday I had to walk away. I honestly never imagined I would spend days on end writing email. I have to say, it’s making me a bit depressed.

So let’s flip that around! I’m grateful my hours spent communicating with people has lead to some great relationships and ties me to the broader campus community.

Now, for the fun things of this weekend:
Piles of heirloom tomatoes at the farm. Pass the basil, olive oil, bals. vin, salt, pepper and fresh mozzarella and I can eat like a queen for days.
For the bushels of corn, beans and broccoli that went into the freezer this weekend. I’ve said it a million times already, but working at the farm has been extremely beneficial for my family this year. And it’s been an immense source of joy for me.

Days 91-93 – Heather

I’m back at my desk, holding on to my wonderful vacation memories and planning for the future.  I’m grateful I have the luxury of options and taking my time for my personal life. 

Work is a different matter at this time, which is why I’m behind posting here.  For work, I’m grateful I have technology to support this onslaught of work that tumbled in while I was away.