Days 114-123 -Heather

Dear blog- I do love you and I’m sorry for cheating on you with books, fiber, leaves, and farming. I apologize. And with email being down this morning I can finally tell you what I’ve been grateful for this week. I’ve been keeping a list hoping we’d see each other again soon.
Day 114- for friends who can pull me out of the blues.
Day 115-Books! Piles of books brought to the library for donation.
Day 116-for the end of an emotional week and a weekend to myself at home, alone.
Day 117- crockpots + bushel of apples & spices =applesauce
Day 118- the last crop of tomatoes, that also ended up in the crockpots for tomato sauce.
Day 119- I’ve said it before, but I’m grateful for Z introducing me to Delhi Papri Chaat. It’s always a special day when we go to NoHo for some seriously good food.
Day 120- for my goofy damn dog, Hunter, who always makes me smile. Even/especially when he’s being a dumbass.
Day 121- for the lovely sunshine filtering through the leaves during my walk.

Tomorrow I’m going to be grateful I get to reconnect with an author I met in a remote Alaskan Native village in the Arctic when I was doing my graduate research and he was working on his first book.

On Friday I’m going to be grateful that I have the DAY OFF! So I’ll be out exploring WMass during my favorite season! I FALL in love with WMass every year 🙂