Month 18 – Julia

Hello. It’s midnight, I’m using a borrowed iPad in a borrowed room, and wondering how much vitamin c is too much and how little sleep is too little. I am so, so grateful. And so, so exhausted. There are 24 people sleeping in this house, or not sleeping, as it happens. One of us has pink-eye, all of us are coming down with sore throats, and there are approximately 200 people coming for a walk and or drinks tomorrow. I have a ridiculously long to-do list and am honored to be hopelessly behind because I have been having important conversations with people I love. I have been entrusted with way more secrets than I could have imagined : some of them life-changing, heartbreaking, some of them and some of them awesome. glad that i seem to be perceived as indispensable, but even more glad I have a few years’ proof that Thanksgiving does happen perfectly well without me. I am also mostly glad that I haven’t learned to say no to people, since it means my dance card is really very full. And I am flattered


Days 147 through today, which is about day 190?–Jen

It’s a funny thing, when a person feels the itch to stop posting. I’m not sure what it is. Something about the habit of it became feeling like I had to–rather than I ought, for me–and so I stopped. But with Thanksgiving yesterday, today feels like a good time to return.

For friends who don’t judge in the meantime; for getting through the first tenure hoop; for snuggly kitties; for two really awesome sections of the plain old US history survey this term; for families; for wisdom.