Year 2, Days 241-247 — Cynthia

Because my job does not often have the kind of insane weeks I had this past week. For my still relatively new habit of yoga that helps to keep my body from feeling the insane quite as much. For good friends. I feel so lucky to have gone to college where we did. I know not everyone loves their college as much as I/we did and I am so so so thankful to my aunt for suggesting it, for my mom for taking me to visit the first time and for laying out the money for it. Life-changing, in the best sort of way.


Year 2, Month 9 – Julia

Completed something important.
Remembered the password for this little blog.
Volunteered. Twice in one day.
Was rewarded for karmic volunteering by having the second thing be cancelled, so I could go shopping rather than coaching in the rain.
Found a thing I’d been coveting for a ridiculously good price in a very unexpected place.
Seem to have dodged bronchitis.  Cough downgraded from death-wracks to lung-rattlers. Hallelu!
Have an important meeting tomorrow. Well, two of them.  Was freaking out pesky cough but remembered not to sweat the small stuff. I am awesome and professional, whether or not I give you a lung.

Year 2, Month 8 – Julia

Fixed a roof yesterday. This was a first for me, both in terms of skills and in terms if balance, so I was happy. It was also the first dry afternoon for an eternity, so I was also able to get the garden mostly ready for its redesign. My cheap, poorly designed raised beds have rotted a bit so it’s time for a rejig – wider paths, fewer beds, and no more of the raspberries taking over all of the everywhere. End of an era, but the sides lasted about 8 years longer than expected. I thank them for their service, and look forward to finally correcting some design mistakes.

Year 2, Month 8 – Julia

Wobbly today, but how wonderful that this hardly ever happens these days. I lose a few hours a month, and yesterday I pushed it by exercising while ill.

We were going walking with friends today, so I’m grateful that plans are changeable. I’m also glad for a day at home, since the garden could do with a pottering day and this book won’t read itself. Nice problem to have.

Year 2, Days 209-227 — Cynthia

For time with my family, particularly the littles who are growing so fast. For being able to be helpful in a mini-crisis. For travel, despite its frustrations. For holiday meals and desserts. For yoga upon my return after an absence that felt lengthy. For knitting and reading and lovely thoughtful gifts. For a new cookbook to add to my collection and for using one that’s been on the shelf for a bit, to make something delicious to share. For time off. For being able to watch the snow at home and not having to shovel it.