Year 2, Day 5 – Julia

Can’t believe we’re 5 days into a new blog year already.  The forecast was abysmal today so we decided to run lots of errands.  We walked to town between gales and had a surprisingly productive few hours, with some bonus Bank Holiday bargains too.  Got everything but 1″ clout nails and trellis feet, which means I didn’t finish either of the projects I REALLY wanted to finish this weekend, but they’re both one step away from finished – which is pretty damned gratifying.

Also made it up to A’s granddad’s house, to help sort out the garage. Found Cliff’s old hobnail army boots, quite possibly from WWII.   They were surprisingly heavy.  I stopped to be grateful that I got to meet grandparents (on both sides and of both genders) who served, survived, and had long and blessed lives afterwards. Happy Memorial Day.

Love to all,



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